Home Owners Property Tax Protesting resource https://hometaxshield.com/partners/mark-preston A new Partner for us that can help protest your Taxes very reasonably and do so on a yearly basis if needed, for $30 per year. Pay 30% of any Tax Savings if applicable. For some it could be substantial, others may not be as much depending on your Property Tax situation now. I’m […]
First Time Home Buyer Condos for First Time Home Buyer? Condos Are a Great Entryway to Homeownership   If you’re looking to buy your first home, you may want to consider condos. Let’s connect to explore your options. Watch Now
First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Credit Certificates – A Major savings for First Time Home Buyers! This is a Great Benefit not everyone understands. If you are a first-time home buyer (see definition here), you can apply for a mortgage interest tax credit known as a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). An MCC reduces your federal income taxes every year by allowing you to get 20% of what you spent on mortgage interest […]
Home Owners Is Your Home Building Equity? Equity Gains for Today’s Homeowners Today’s homeowners are sitting on significant equity, even as home price appreciation has eased recently. If you’re a homeowner, your net worth got a boost over the past few years thanks to rising home prices. Here’s what it means for you, even as the market moderates. How Equity Has Grown in Recent […]
Selling Your Home Checklist for Selling Checklist for Selling Your House This Spring [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights As you get ready to sell your house, there are specific things you can add to your to-do list. These include decluttering, taking down personal photos and items, and power washing outdoor surfaces. Let’s connect so you have advice on what you may want to do to […]
Buying a Home Make Home Ownership a Reality How To Make Your Dream of Homeownership a Reality According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 8 in 10 Americans say buying a home is a priority, and 28 million Americans actually plan to buy within the next 12 months. Homeownership provides many financial and nonfinancial benefits, so that interest is understandable. However, it’s unlikely all 28 million Americans will […]
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